Bluechip Metro Cup Challenge

Blue Chip Prospects has been a leading influence in the youth baseball Tournament and Showcase industry since 1996! For our 20th Anniversary we felt the need to come up with a product that we believe will help revolutionize the way Summer League Baseball is thought of and played. We feel that the time is now for the change in the way your organization thinks and approaches your summer “league” schedule.

Our concept is not your traditional league. The BCP Metro Cup Challenge is not only “league play” but also a true championship tournament. It gives you the best of both world’s as well as, quality competition guaranteed each week all while having some flexibility in your scheduling.

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Here are some things to consider:
  • This is not your ordinary league and you have to look at the big picture to understand the value of what we are doing
  • This league is being done on a LARGE REGIONAL scale, yet being done LOCALLY
  • We will filter down the top teams in the different Regions through league play to provide you with a tournament that will have the cream of the crop at your respective age group
  • A normal “Tournament Entry Fee” runs anywhere from $800-$1,500 per team, for a 3-4 game guarantee. Our fee including umpire costs will roughly cost each team about $1,500. However, you will get 14 games against QUALITY competition. Plus the opportunity to receive a FREE tournament bid to what will be the best competition game for game you will see all summer! So you will wind up potentially getting 18-20 games for the same price of ONE tournament!
  • Based on our experience & success in providing you with some of the best events in the Northeast year after year, Blue Chip Prospects knows we can provide you with a great summer baseball league experience.
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